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      My oldest daughter is going shopping on “D-day” but she has to be done by 9am because she gets induced at 10am that morning. Of course, she might go earlier. I find deals like that all the time, lately I find them on the internet like the Victoria secret one that I sent in (over now).

      I bought a sweater ($58), a scarf/mitten/hat set ($38) a single lip gloss (don’t know what price that was) and a lip gloss set ($30) and only paid $18.30 which include shipping. Then my husband ordered a sweater for our 17 year old and got the same stuff but his was $20.50 because the sweater she wanted was a little higher. They had codes for all of the stuff.

      The scarf set is so nice, my daughter was tickled pink. She loves Victoria Secrets but we can’t really afford to shop there but when I find a deal like that, I grab it. Becky, unexpected_data_after_address@.syntax-error.
      wrote: i almost never find deals like…i am glad you got such a good
      deal…i am looking online…cause i don’t want to go anywhere near a
      store on friday…
      been there done that…my sil and went three yrs ago when she was preg.
      and some lady hit her tummy with a buggy and kept walking…..i tell ya,
      if i had gotten a hold of here i would have hurt her! not much holiday
      spirit that day…lol.


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