FLY pen??

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      I almost never find deals like…I am glad you got such a good

      deal…I am looking online…cause I don’t want to go anywhere near a

      store on friday…

      been there done that…my sil and went three yrs ago when she was preg.

      and some lady hit her tummy with a buggy and kept walking…..i tell ya,

      if i had gotten a hold of here i would have hurt her! not much holiday

      spirit that day…lol.


      on 11/16/2007, “ro so” <> wrote:

      >We had a “store” here that was selling them for $20 plus tons of different

      accessories. I bought 3 pens, journal, stickers (those are really neat),

      science, math, algebra, history, geomotry, English programs and a bunch of other

      things. I can’t remember all that we bought. I got lucky the day that I decided

      to buy them as they were having a sale and was taking 80% off of all the “older”

      merchandise. I think the total was just over $300 and then the took off the 80%

      which made it about $60. I also bought some other things that day also. I sure

      wish that store was still open but they weren’t getting in any good stuff


      > What it was is that they went to auctions and would bid on semi loads of

      stuff. Sometimes they would get really good stuff but others the stuff was in

      their words “crap”.


      > Becky








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