Fluffy the Bed Pillow Snowman

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      One white bed pillow
      Stocking cap or toboggan
      Scarf or strip of fabric
      Orange felt scrap
      Pair of mittens, gloves or cut out similar shapes from felt
      Small broom or whisk broom (optional)

      Whip stitch or glue a stocking cap to the top of a white bed pillow, pulling the corners of pillow under the cap. Tie a scarf around the pillow about 1/3 way down. Sew or glue on button eyes and mouth.

      Cut a circle of orange felt, slit half way and shape into a cone for a carrot nose (or just use a triangle shape); glue or sew edge of nose to face. Sew buttons down the front. Sew or glue mittens or gloves to the front for the arms. If desired, prop a small broom or whisk broom along Fluffy, depending on size of pillow.

      Let your imagination flow and enjoy your new friend


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      This sounds adorable

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      Love this idea! I have a lot of little kids around at Christmas and I was thinking this would be a perfect friend for the season to be touchable and safe. Do you think he would look ok if instead of buttons I made crochet buttons or use felt in place of them?

      If the babies were a little older I probably wouldn’t worry. This sounds like it would make a great gift craft for kids, too!

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      this sounds great, I will have to remember this one.

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      What a cute idea, this will be great for my little nephew

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      So creative! Thanks for sharing.

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      Love these cute little things. I think I have myself a new project!

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