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      Years ago I was a Watkins rep, and I still use their concentrated liquid

      cleaner, which I believe

      is a coconut oil based cleaner. I have psoriasis, and my mom got it very badly

      and had to go

      on chemo. I try to take extra care now to use gentle cleaners – why should you

      breathe or

      have rough chemicals around you? It is not cheap, but it makes a lot, I buy a

      large bottle

      every couple years, and use it on walls, floors, appliances, etc – I have saved

      quite a bit of

      money by usually forgoing the Pergo cleaner on my Pergo floors, and spraying the


      cleaner (mixed with water in a spray bottle) on the floor, and wiping it clean.

      I am also playing now with using Seventh Generation and Ecover products, I love

      the Seventh

      Generation brown paper towels for general use – they are very tough for large

      jobs, and very

      absorbent – great for my animals messes from one elderly dog and 2 elderly cats,

      amd very

      messy me!

      Dennis in San Diego

      Watkins products are available from your local Watkins rep, or Watkins online –

      I normally

      wait until products are on sale to buy anything though.

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