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      When I moved into my apartment the tile floors were horrible. They

      were ‘clean’ yet just so much dirt built up they looked horrible. I

      tried so many things to clean them. Bleach, comet paste, and other

      cleaners. I then had to clean a accident my cat had on the floor and

      grabbed the first thing in reach and tried it. It worked MIRACLES!!!!

      It was bathroom cleaner. The scrubbing bubbles. Put that on and let

      it set just as you would let it set in your tub then get down and

      scrub it. Boy did it rip out all that set in dirt and scum. Hope

      this helps.

      On 7/8/08, leigh.drewett@ntlworld.com <leigh.drewett@ntlworld.com> wrote:

      > I tried a new recipe for floor cleaner

      > 1/3 stardrops (kind of like dishsoap)

      > 1/3 white vinegar

      > 1/3 water

      > But it has left a sticky residue on my kitchen tiles and dining room

      > laminate.

      > I know a 50:50 water vinegar will sort it out but am in need of another

      > recipe as dh whines about the vinegar smell.



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