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      >>1/3 stardrops (kind of like dishsoap)
      1/3 white vinegar
      1/3 water<<

      OyVEY!! That sounds Mighty Strong!

      Here’s what I use, fill your mop bucket 2/3 full of Hot water. Add 8-10 DROPS of dawn dishsoap and 1 c. White Vinegar. Stand on an old raggy (clean) towel. As you mop, drag your feet (careful you don’t fall!) and dry the floor to prevent any streaks.

      This is what I use on our hardwood floors and tile floors. This is also what I used when I had Laminate floors (Pergo). To add a scent, you could add 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Lemon oil works well, tea tree doesnt smell so good with the light vinegar scent.

      But hey, no one seems to be able to notice the vinegar scent in the air after I scrub the floors here.


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