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      They’re in my house, they’re on my animals, they’re biting me too, what do I do??

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      We are having a horrible issue with fleas. We have a Shih Tzu that spends time indoor and outdoor. We have an indoor only cat.

      We have always been able to keep the fleas off of the dog by either putting spot treatment on her or using avon skin so soft bath oil. this year nothing is working, not even flea shampoo or the flea spot treatment. and now she has brought the fleas into the house and infested our indoor only cat and we are all beginning to get bites all over us.

      i am assuming we are getting bit up by fleas, as i don’t know what else it could be, although i haven’t seen any on myself, just feel the bites the next day. i saw that a bunch of you have recommened the brewer’s yeast for the dogs. we are low on money this pay period, so where can i find the brewer’s yeast real cheap and in what section of the store would i find it in?

      also, my cat is a finicky eater, so i’m not sure if the brewer’s yeast is recommended for cats as well or even if i could get her to eat it if it is. what is recommended for cats? any inexpensive solutions will be much appreciated.

      should i clean the whole house from top to bottom for fleas as i would if we had an infestation of head lice or is there a totally different way of handling the issue?


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      Here is some info I found on a website that I go to alot:
      flea trap

      you can make an excellent flea trap from a plastic gallon jug. clorox bleach jugs work best. view the jug as being square, cut four holes in the sides of the jug. the holes should be 4″ in diameter and start approximately 11/2″ up from the bottom of the jug.

      Remove the lid and throw it away, you won’t need it. Next get one of those hospitality lights that you see in the windows of many homes these days. When you put this light into the neck of the jug, bulb first, you will note that it hangs just at the level of the holes you cut into the sides, that’s good.

      Now that your trap is completed, you are ready to use it.

      To use the trap, put an inch of water in the bottom, add five or six drops of dishwashing soap, slosh it around to mix the soup in and plug in the light. Set the trap in the center of the room, turn out all the other lights and go to bed, Light attracts insects, so all kinds of insects will jump into your trap and drown. I call it a flea trap, that’s what I built it for, but it catches all insects.

      The website is Trapper’s Topics . I used to listen to him on the radio all the time back in NY and have tried several of his remedies with great success. I wish you luck.

      As for the pets themselves, our vet told us that you don’t have to spend money on shampoo that is just for fleas, any pet shampoo will work, you just have to leave it on them for atleast 5 minutes to kill the fleas.


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      I have four dogs (two inside – boxers) four cats (three inside) and 3 chicken (all outside and a great source of eggs and additional income when I sell the eggs) and I had a problem with fleas also. I used the flea trap method that you have mentioned and it works WONDERS!! I suggest it 100%!!

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      I had this problem a month or so ago. I bought frontline off of ebay an 8 month supply for about 18.00. Got the fleas off the cat and out of the house.

      I had tried everything I found on the net and nothing was working for me, so i had to resort to this, but 18.00 for 8 months is cheaper than 50.00 per month. The person I bought it from buys their stuff from a vet, they say.

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