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      Re: fleas

      I always heard about feeding pets garlic to help with
      fleas, and/or Brewer’s Yeast. Naturally this would
      work best mixed in with moist food. Now I have seen a
      few tidbits saying galric is ok for dogs, but there
      have been studies that show it may cause problems in
      cats. But Brewer’s Yeast still seems to be ok for

      [sorry, I don’t recall if you have cats or dogs]

      Anyway, here were some guidelines I came across …

      on cats:
      feed 1/2 teaspoon of powdered yeast daily to the cat.
      feed half a garlic clove per day.
      [like i said. may want to avoid this]

      on dogs:
      feed 2 large teaspoons powdered yeast daily for large
      Feed 2 cloves garlic per day for large dogs, added to
      the usual food.

      I’m not quite sure how you get this into them other
      than mixing it in with some moist food [that’s what I
      did years ago with my cat]. But it is something you
      could try. The yeast can be found at a GNV or helath
      food store, maybe even a large Wal Mart or supermarket
      (in the health and vitamin aisle).


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