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      Re: Budget101.com : RE: fleas

      Flea help.

      Wash your dog regularly to break the flea/larva/adult cycle.

      I use a nit or lice comb to remove adult fleas. This is a nightly routine.

      Use lavender essential oil as a natural insecticide

      Vacuumed regularly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      My parents battle fleas constantly, they live in the country and there dogs
      are outside the lion’s share of the day so they can’t take the pill and the oil
      doesn’t work well enough. My Maddy is an inside dog and I don’t have a problem
      very often so I do not purchase the pill for her and the oil isn’t safe for my
      birds. That and the pill wouldn’t work if I continue to visit my folks, she
      would just pick up new fertile fleas.

      my funny flea dip: I can’t use the straight dip as the directions indicate
      because Maddy turns into a grease ball and the fumes are harmful to my birds?
      Any time my dog goes to my parents house she comes back with fleas here is what
      I do: I purchase HartZ flea dip, a dollar a bottle, at the dollar store and mix
      it with a whole 12 oz bottle of cheap shampoo. ( so it’s 8oz + 12 oz, you will
      need a large enough container to hold 20 oz) I pre wash my dog with another
      bottle of the same shampoo ( not mixed) to remove oils and dirt as the “mix”
      doesn’t suds well. I then pour a portion of the flea dip/shampoo combo on Maddy
      and wait 5 minutes.

      I I then rinse her well and towel dry vigorously while she
      stands on a towel the drying part helps to loose more fleas. I then take those
      towels and put them in the laundry immediately. Your mileage may vary, follow
      the directions to the letter if you feel more comfortable.

      I don’t because of
      my birds, they can’t tolerate fumes. this way she comes
      out clean, not greasy and with fewer adult fleas and no Larva.

      Lavender is a natural insecticide. I spray Maddy down with my lavender multi
      purpose room/linen spray. It’s 8 oz of water or alcohol ( I don’t use alcohol
      because of birds) and 20 to 30 drops lavender essential oil.

      Wash your dogs on a regular basis this helps disrupt there cycle. You will
      rinse away fleas and there Larva. If you are inconsistent your problem *will*
      continue to flair.

      Vacuumed daily. I grow lavender and rosemary so I through a
      handful of lavender and rosemary on my carpet so it’s in the bag with the
      little flea beasties.

      ncpattyt@aol.com wrote:
      sometimes brewers yeast tablets help keep fleas off of dogs, supposed to
      make their bood taste bad. mine with eat them willingly. when we came home to
      flea infested carpet, i sat down on the carpet with white socks on (catch them
      when they jump on them 🙂 – have a little bowl of water with a dash of dish
      soap handy to drown them in.

      i sat there and picked all the fleas off my dog i
      could see ( they stick to your fingers dampened in the soapy water, then i
      thoroughly vacuumed. had to pic off more for a few days –but i did get rid of

      cindy sue

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Fleas- On the animals- in the house- etc