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      cindy wrote: I’ll bet that this comes up as a topic every summer, but I need a flea
      treatment that does not cost 15.00 per month per pet. ****** It has been my experience that Frontline or a similar product from the vetis the only thing that will work. Store-bought products do not work.

      Flea collars do not work. Baths and powders work, but only until your pet goes into an area that has fleas or ticks and then they are back. The
      only way to keep your pet free is to keep them in the house or in your yard and treat your yard religously.

      This is just my experience, but I have had flea and tick problems before, tried everything and Frontline is the only help. The same thing happened to my mom and her dog. She got too busy to go to the vet for Frontline, put something fom the grocery store on her dog and the whole house had to be treated to get rid of the fleas.


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