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      I had fleas when I moved into my house. It took about

      3 months to clear it up. You need to do multible

      treatments every two weeks til its gone. I like using

      the raid flea control products. The spray for the

      carpet works well as long as you repeat within 10 days

      of last treatment. Bombs don’t really work if they are

      in the carpet. They have a carpet and room spray. When

      you vaccum make sure you throw out bags. Don’t shampoo

      until you see no more fleas. Read up on flea cycles

      growth and you can plan on how to treat your problem.

      I have shampooed the carpet with flea shampoo. Good


      — cindy <cstockman0169@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Anyone have any flea controll tips and advice?





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