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      >>It is wintertime and most of us don’t have to worry about fleas.<< Hi Tonya, Thank you so much for spreading the word. I am well aware that Hartz flea
      products are lethal to both cats and dogs, as a close friend is a Vet Technician
      in a Veterinary Emergency Hospital. She told me companion pets being rushed to
      the emergency room with this poisoning commonplace and just last weekend three
      cats were rushed to the clinic – all were deathly ill as a result of being
      “treated” by Hartz flea products.

      The staff worked for four hours trying to
      stabilize their temperatures, treat the convulsions however, because they were
      shaking so violently they it was nearly impossible to put a catheter in them.
      The Veterinarian she works for advised the couple to sue the company.

      I have two indoor cats who are not on preventative, however, my indoor dogs
      are on this all year as they must go out at some point. I use either Advantage
      or Frontline and have never had a problem.

      As you said, the cost of a hospital stay and treatment is far less than
      spending a few more dollars on a safe preventative….and your animal pet might

      Thanks for the link to the petition, I have signed it and forwarded the this
      to my family and friends.

      Northern Virginia

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