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      I posted this the other day and for some reason it did not go
      through. I am posting it again because it is important to me and to
      all pet owners.

      It is wintertime and most of us don’t have to worry about fleas.
      However, that is no time to let our guard down. I want to remind
      everyone that Hartz products (especially the spot on treatments) are
      often fatal to cats. I want to urge every one to not only avoid Hartz
      products for this reason but also to sign this petition asking the
      company to not sell this product as their are MANY cases of cat
      deaths related to this product.

      Please take the time (it’s only a few seconds) to make a difference!


      This is a website devoted to victims of this product:


      Please moderator, let this be posted as it is very vital to not only
      frugality (a safe flea solution is less expensive than vet bills or a
      feline life) but also because it is important to our animal friends.
      They trust us with their lives. Shouldn’t we stop companies from
      poisoning them?

      Tonya Parham

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