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      Frontline now comes in a spray — a little less

      expensive. You give the pet so many sqirts per lb of

      body weight. Since we just had 7 beagle puppies that

      we haven’t found homes for, it is a major problem for

      me also. The cost of flea and tick products are high

      but a must for all our dogs and cats (and I have many

      many pets – I live in the country and have lots of


      Good luck! Check with your vet about the spray!

      — Katherine Lassiter <khlassiter57@yahoo.com> wrote:



      > cindy <cstockman0169@yahoo.com> wrote: I’ll

      > bet that this comes up as a topic every summer, but

      > I need a flea

      > treatment that does not cost 15.00 per month per

      > pet.

      > ******

      > It has been my experience that Frontline or a

      > similar product from the vet is the only thing that

      > will work. Store-bought products do not work. Flea

      > collars do not work. Baths and powders work, but

      > only until your pet goes into an area that has fleas

      > or ticks and then they are back. The only way to

      > keep your pet free is to keep them in the house or

      > in your yard and treat your yard religously. This

      > is just my experience, but I have had flea and tick

      > problems before, tried everything and Frontline is

      > the only help. The same thing happened to my mom

      > and her dog. She got too busy to go to the vet for

      > Frontline, put something fom the grocery store on

      > her dog and the whole house had to be treated to get

      > rid of the fleas.

      > Kathy

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