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      We ended up with fleas in the house becuase I visited someone who had a bad infestation and they did not tellme they had them and they sent home some things for my son so…. it did not take long for us to get them. I used dried pennyroyal and borax.

      I would sprinkle the pennyroyal around the house and lightly sprinkle the carpet with it before I vacuumed. Places that were not out in the open I left it there and did not vacuume it up, the fleas are supposed not to like the minty smell. Also, the borax I mixed in a spray bottle with water and sprayed it around the house on the carpet, etc.

      and let it dry. We have a dog and a cat and on them I HAD to use frontline although I really hate using chemicals like that but, it was the only thing that worked on them. around the house, the other things worked fine.

      I know some people make collars filled with pennyroyal for their animals but, mine would not keep them on! We have not had any more problems but, I still
      sprinkle the carpet at least once a week with the dried pennyroyal and every week just as a precaution I change my vacuume bag. I hope this was helpful.

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