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      Having two dogs – we have to keep them under control before they
      get out of hand – we live near the Delta – lots of sand out here –
      we do the monthly on the back of the neck – and we spray the back-yard
      once a week – so whatever you do if you want to keep them controlled
      you are going to have to spend that extra money – we buy once a year
      the prescription flea stuff, using our tax refund – so far so good – no
      fleas.. We normally never get the fleas unless we are camping or something
      like that – but hubby catches them quick!!! Carolyn

      I’ll bet that this comes up as a topic every summer, but I need a flea
      treatment that does not cost 15.00 per month per pet. Anyone have any
      ideas? My two cats and one dog are in and outside pets.

      Also we are
      expecting Kittens any day now and I am concerned about keeping them
      from getting infested. We are having a bad bug season this year after
      a mild winter.
      Thanks, Cindy

      See what’s free at [url=””]AOL.com[/url].

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