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      A natural way of preventing fleas is to weekly dust your pet with
      diatomaceous earth.

      When ever applying any products for fleas, always start at the head
      and work back. Place products around the neck as well and simply work
      back. This way you will not drive the fleas into the ears or eyes of
      your pet.

      I always spray and powder out doors, or in the bath tub. That way if
      one jumps you still have control. In the North East of the usa, the
      flea season starts when early fall arrives, and ends after several
      killing frosts.

      once fleas have a foot hold indoors they will survive
      and prosper all winter. feeding on your pet and you.

      bathing for fleas:

      wet the pets head and neck first then apply the shampoo, then wet the
      balance and lather up. keep the pet in lather for at least 10 to 15
      minutes so the product has time to work.

      Regular shampoo will kill fleas without insecticide. The shampoo
      breaks the water tension and allows the water to enter the fleas
      breathing holes.

      When rinsing, rinse well and re-rinse, shampoo left on your pets skin
      has a drying effect and will cause more scratching. Use a good quality
      pet shampoo as they are pH balanced. Human shampoo should not be used!
      Over bathing removes natural oils and also causes flaky itchy skin.

      Borax can be used indoors to kill fleas in carpeting. Always start on
      the perimeter and work in to the center. Be sure to apply products
      under furniture before doing central areas fleas will run if given the

      In areas of heavy traffic in the house re-application will be
      required, as the product will be picked up on shoes and not be
      effective as long.

      Another way to detect if you have fleas in the home is to place a
      dinner plate on the floor place water in it and a few drops of dish
      detergent. Then place a light over the plate. The fleas jump towards
      the light and heat, fall into the water and drown.

      (unfortunately this
      isn’t a good way to rid the home of fleas).

      when using any insecticide product keep an eye on your pet. never use
      more than one product at a time on cats as they are far more
      susceptible to poisoning than dogs.
      symptoms of poisoning: heavy salivation, vomiting, seizures, and death.

      flea facts:

      an adult flea can live 2 years without eating.
      The black dirt you see on your pet is flea droppings not eggs.

      Fleas can cause tapeworms in pets.
      Flea bites are like mosquito bites they itch for a time after the bite.
      Flea bites can have allergic reactions with some pets
      Fleas are thermal sensitive, and live in small colonies about the size
      of a wash tub,
      when your pet or “you” walk near or through they jump on knowing that
      they will have a warm winter.
      Flea eggs are opaque in color.
      Fleas can live on any surface, carpet, tile, hardwood floors.
      Most shampoos and sprays only kill for that application. The next day
      the fleas can be back as usual.
      Fleas are not always in one spot, this year it may be on your property
      and next year on a neighbor.
      The key to proper flea control is to protect early, and continue
      throughout the flea season in your area.
      You do not have to have a pet to have a flea infestation in your home.

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