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      We took in a kitten that needed a home and it was covered in fleas. We gave it 3 flea baths and thought we had them taken care of but duh 2 weeks later our home in crawling in fleas! We are vacuuming like crazy.

      Washing all bedding daily. Those of us who were taking garlic twice a day are fine but the one who choice not to take garlic is covered in bites. Really covered in bites!

      We tried plain white toothpaste and Listerine and both seem to help the severe itching. None of the over the counter itch creams helped. We put down pans of soapy water with a light shining in them and the fleas are drowning in them as I type.

      We plan on getting steam cleaners next week to try and kill them all off and their eggs. Tiny little kitten has been moved to a secured room in the pole barn. It’s so very tiny I don’t know if it will make it or not but it will have to reside over there and not in my home.

      We’ve helped our area shelter out many times but never had a problem like this before!

      If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas for us please feel free to share!

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      We got fleas pretty bad last summer, inside and out, but by trying everything and asking everybody, we came up with a few solutions that work,…. for people, benedryl as directed on pkg., and calamine on bites, for the grass, sevin-dust,
      we even had sand fleas on top of regular fleas, so , for the carport, with no grass, just sand/gravel, we used permethrin 10, (tractor supply) read the pkg. this stuff is extremely strong, it also can be used on animals, but I prefer the other stuff for my animals.

      So on the dogs, we used the sevin-dust also, with spot treatments of adams spray, the adams spray is the best stuff in the world to me because they killed the ones inside the house, you can spray it on furniture, carpets, pets, and the smell is great, as far as that stuff goes. All this stuff can be found at your local feed store, tractor supply, wal/mart. Hope this helps, Tami:101:

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      Thanks! We spent this weekend steam cleaning carpets, mattresses, sofa’s and stuffed chairs. Washed all bedding and spare blankets.

      When I go to town in the morning I’ll stop by the Walmart or MFA and see if they have this! We had tons of little dead fleas in the collection tank when we dumped it so we at least reduced their numbers. Would be nice to have a back up solution to whip out the rest of them.

      We’ve never had fleas here until this little rescued kitten from 40 miles away ended up in our home. It’s been an experience!

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      I forgot to tell you that all but one of us have been taking garlic capsules since March to ward off the Flu and none of us have gotten bitten but the one who refuses to take the garlic is covered head to toe with flea bites. The only thing we found that helped was white toothpaste.

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      Did you try a baking soda paste. It works for bug bites so I think it might work. Bless you for taking in the little kitten and good luck.

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      yes we tried baking soda paste and aspirin paste but neither worked. Tried Listerine and it worked for an hour but burned really bad. The white toothpaste worked all night thank goodness.

      The kitten has gotten to the point it can lap water/milk up on it’s own. Yea!!! bottle feeding for the last few weeks got real old real fast!

      We’ve had no signs of any fleas for 24 hours. I got the Adams Carpet spray and as soon as everyone is out of the house for the day, I’ll go ahead and spray everything down just to make sure we got them all. Still got a ton of laundry to do out of the girl’s rooms (where the kitten was staying) But by the end of today it should all be taken care of and our life back to normal!

      Thank you everyone for you tips!

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      I agree on the Sevin Dust, and it is rather strong, so I use it only in an emergency. I suspect the steam cleaning helped considerably. I’d keep running the soapy water with light for several days, that way, you’ll know if any survived, and if another batch hatches.

      Even using a heavy dusting of Baking Soda will help to smother some. And it only needs to be vacuumned.
      I find many people respond differently to solutions. Aloe Vera gel might offer some cooling relief.

      And, if it were me–read 55 and willing to try anything…I’d also do a “sugar scrub” on areas of the body not particular sensitive–legs, arms, feet. Be gentle, a small amount of sugar out the sugar jar, and a little water to make a wet, not runny paste. massage—gently, gently, gently over the area, do not grind or rub fast. make more as needed to cover areas.

      this will slough off a layer of skin, and might help the toxin to be released a little more. and, you or whomever, will have soft, soft skin if nothing else. after, use any of the recomended ideas or what works for you.

      and, if the person can, place cold packs to help with the itching.
      good luck,

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      A word of caution to anyone who wants to try the sugar thing. Sugar on your skin is absorbed into your body just like if you had eaten it. I had diabetic friend who worked with me in a hospital kitchen and they asked her to start being the baker.

      She wore a mask and gloves and by the second day her skin had absorbed just the dust from the sugar and she almost died. Thankfully she was already at the hospital and we all knew she was diabetic so they knew to check that first. I had always laughed about just gaining weight from making all the Christmas goodies and little did I know I probably was gaining weight from just making them!

      The best thing we tried for the flea bites was plain old white toothpaste-no gels. She only needed it once and had no problems with itching after that.

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