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      OK the talk about Flax seed and home cures got me going—just have to share
      one with you. I pinched my finger really badly when I was playing on the
      swingset and a few days later, the blister had caused my finger to swell up
      two-three times it’s normal size. The school nurse was checking for streaks
      running up my arm–she was afraid of my getting blood poisoning.

      Anyhow, my
      dad that night heated up water to boiling mixed with the flax seed and while
      it was still very warm but no longer to the point it would burn, (looked
      like a mash) it was spread on a cloth and tied around my sore. When I got
      up in the morning it had pulled out all the pus and ooze and my finger was
      back to normal, with no more pain—I much preferred it to the salt pork
      remedy that Dad did when I stepped on a nail—that stung big time, but the
      flax seed actually felt warm and cozy–gooey! So anyhow, my dad did lots of
      things like that.

      I remember for our work horses, which he used to gather
      maple sap that he would buy chewing tobacco and feed to them to kill
      worms—any body know how much you would use for riding horses? I remember
      that he gave them a big chuck-probably half a box—but they were Belgians!
      I would love to find a place that has all the old remedies for this kind of
      stuff in it, and a reliability rating.


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