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      Your post reminded me of when I pinched the pad of my thumb once. I
      actually lost quite a bit of it. What I did, [when I could think
      again, because it hurt so bad], was grab a few leaves of ‘snake
      leafed’ plaintain.

      It’s very common in the US and has amazing
      curative properties.
      I took about 3 leaves that were as long as my finger and rolled them
      in my good hand until very pulpy, then popped them over the injured
      thumb under a bandaid. In about a week the skin was covering the pad
      again and today you can’t even tell that the pad was pinched off.
      Another experience I had with this plant was when my mother had a
      wound on her toe that would not heal. She is diabetic and has
      problems healing.

      I made a very strong ‘tea’ with snake leafed
      plantain and soaked dressings with it for her. It took longer for her
      to heal than I, but it worked, where the medicines and salves the
      doctor gave her did not.
      I don’t know everything there is to know about herbs, but my
      main ‘expertise’ I guess you would say is the common plants that grow
      in your own backyard. Feel free to mail me and if I can help you find
      out about herbs and home remedies, Iwill.

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