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      I wanted to respond to the poster who was asking about the pros and cons of a fix it place verses a dealership.

      My ex mother in law was a service writer for a car dealership and her pay was based on how many extra things they could sell someone who brings a car in for service it didn’t matter if they needed the extra services or not.

      I saw a lot of shady things at dealerships. For five years I worked with the mercy Ministries program in our church and many church members brought us paperwork from dealerships that listed several thousands of dollars in repairs. We had a certain mechanic in town we sent those folks too and it was always several thousand less than what the dealer had quoted.

      I have used this mechanic personally for years and have never had one complaint about the quality of his work.
      one time I was having a windshield wiper repaired and when I went to pick up my car my windshield was cracked. I couldn’t be sure it got cracked at the mechanic and I was willing to split the cost of his deductible with him. When I went to pick up the car after the windshield was fixed i said how much was your deductible he said the deductible was such that it was cheaper just to pay the glass guy to repair my windshield. I told him well I am not sure it got cracked here I am willing to pay half he wouldn’t take my money said I was a good customer and he was willing to pay for the windshield to keep me as his customer.

      I have also been royally ripped off by other fix it places.

      If you can find an honest mechanic he or she is worth their weight in Gold.

      I am sure there are honest dealerships too. But I personally would only take my car to the dealer if it is under warranty. Of course my cars are always at least ten years old so I can afford to gamle a little.

      Tracy in VA
      Hoping you can find a place like the one I have

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