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      adapted from Great Garden Gadgets, a Rodale Organic Gardening Book.

      A great garden gadget is an exciting find. You spot them occasionally in garden catalogs or at your local garden center, but the best gadgets are the nifty homemade widgets that your friends have devised.

      You know what we mean — a planter made from a milk jug and a piece of plastic pipe, a plastic soda bottle modified to be a watering reservoir, pieces of plastic miniblinds recycled as plant markers.

      Here is a small sampling from this book, of how to make some nifty gizmos! Here are some tips to help your birds using old door mats, and cracked old concrete birdbaths; cool lantern delights for outdoor lighting, using baby food jars; a string holder, and more!

      lantern delights
      clean 4- 6- ounce baby food jars.

      6 to 12 clean baby food jars
      Spool of fine-gauge wire (not plastic coated)
      6 to 12 voltive candles

      1. For each jar, cut a piece of wire 40 to 50 inches long. Vary your lengths so your finished lights can hang at different heights.

      Bend a wire in half to form a V-shaped handle for the jar. Hold the bent wire over a jar so 6 to 10 inches of the V extends above the jar for hanging. Wrap the rest of the wire around the threads of the jar mouth.

      Twist each end of the wire around the V-shaped handle to fasten the wire securely. Pull tight.
      4. Place a voltive candle in the jar, light, and hang!

      ground level bird feeder and sanctuary
      on hand: old craced concerete birdbath without its base.
      turn it into: ground-level bird feeder and sanctuary.
      how to do it: dig a slight depression in a flowerbed and set in the birdbath saucer. place a little bowl of water or fruit in the middle and pour seed around it.

      birdseed catcher
      on hand: old door mat
      turn it into: birdseed catcher
      how to do it: put a scrap of door mat under the bird feeder and on top of fresh snow so seed falls on it and not into the snow where the birds can’t get to them.

      tool storage chest
      on hand: old filing cabinet
      turn it into: tool storage chest
      how to do it: an old metal or wooden file cabinet makes a great place to store hand tools, pruning tools, string, gloves, and all kinds of miscellaneous garden items.

      dahlia tuber holder
      on hand: plastic strawberry flats
      turn them into: dahlia tuber holders
      how to do it: in early winter when frost has killed dahlia foliage, lift the tubers and shake off the soil. then line each of the flat’s compartments with a paper towel, et in the tubers — one per cubbyhole — and put the flat in a cool, dark place. The rectangular flats stack easily so they won’t take up much space, and the ventilated sides will keep needed air circulating to the tubers all winter long.

      string caddy
      on hand; plastic detergent bottle
      turn them into: string caddy
      how to do it: cut a hinged flap into the side of a plastic bottle, baking it large enough to slide the string cone in. stick a couple pieces of velcro on the flap so you can open and close it. poke a hole through the cap, and slide the string out the top.

      source Care 2

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