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      We have a 40 gallon, and had that same problem. Buying stands are

      expensive, and unless you spend big money, they’re ugly, too.

      We used to have our tank (which holds no water- just hermit crabs,

      so it’s lighter than one with water) on our hutch. It hung off the

      ends by about 2 inches on both sides, and left the hutch cluttered

      and pretty much unusable.

      When we moved last month, the tank was put on the floor pending the

      purchase of an ugly metal stand for $60-70. The day we went to go

      shopping, I stopped in at Salvation Army for a bit, and found an old

      sturdy coffee table that looked like it would be the right length,

      and wider than the tank by a few inches, for only $10. I picked it

      up, and it turns out, it’s half an inch too short on each side, but

      it’s only 2 inches wider than the tank, and fits perfectly against

      the wall without leaving a huge chunk of floor or wall space taken

      over by it.

      It fits great, and has leaves that drop down (to make it an oval

      table) that cover the front of the table, so we store the food,

      water conditioners, etc, under the table out of view.

      — In, Danielle Filipov



      > We have a 30 gallon fish tank but have nothing to put on it. Does

      anyone have any ideas on what we can put to hold it? It’s going to

      be in our family room but don’t want a huge bulky table or

      something. Thank you

      > Dani









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