Fish Bowl Grinches

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      Adorable Grinch Decorations!
      fish bowl grinches cheri reppenhagen 1 of 1
      FISH BOWL GRINCHES ? Made by Cheri Reppenhagen

      How to Make a Fish Bowl Grinch

      You Need:
      Fish Bowls
      mod podge (easy homemade recipe)
      green glitter
      e6000 craft glue (or hot glue gun)
      white boa

      “The feet are from Dollar Tree, I rolled a piece of felt to make the hat. Painted the inside of the fishbowls with mod podge and then rolled green glitter. Glued the bases together w e6000 the white was a boa from hobby lobby. And the face is made with my cricut

      dollar store fish bowl grinches
      to make the face, just print off the pattern on a cricut machine. Apply it to the bowl and paint the insides of the eyes bright yellow with acrylic craft paint.
      grinch face template


      If you don’t already have the glitter or mod podge (or the ingredients to make mod podge), you could also spray the inside of the fish bowl with green glitter paint spray instead.

      How to Make Elf Feet & legs

      To make the legs, print off the leg/shoe pattern, cut out felt pieces, line the edge of one piece of felt with glue (nearly all the way around, leave a gap to turn it right side out again so you don’t see glue lines!

      Place the other piece of felt on top. let it dry, turn it right side out

      Here’s a video to help explain what I mean:

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