Fingerprint Poem for Mom

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      Difficulty: Very Easy

      Age: 3 and up

      What you’ll need:
      2 sheets of card stock, purple and light blue
      White printer paper
      Acrylic paint: purple, light blue, pink, red, white
      Glue stick
      Damp face cloth

      How to make it:
      Print poem (below) onto white paper.

      We used the Comic Sans font.
      Cut poem out, curving edges around the poem making it look like a cloud.
      On a separate blank sheet of white paper, use pencil to lightly draw a heart and the word “mom” above it.
      cut the heart and mom out, leaving about an inch border.
      glue the heart drawing and the poem onto the purple card stock.
      cut around the poem and the heart drawing, leaving a small purple card stock border on each.
      glue both onto light blue card stock, poem at the bottom.
      have child write their name and the year on the back of the blue card stock.
      put small puddles of paint onto a paper plate, one puddle of each color except white.

      make a second puddle of pink and add some white to it to make an even lighter pink. you should have 5 puddles of paint (purple, light blue, red, pink, light pink)
      Have child dip fingertips into puddles to decorate the heart and write mom. do the ms in purple and the o in light blue.

      use red, pink and light pink to decorate the heart. use damp face cloth to clean off fingertips in between each paint color.
      let the paint dry completely.
      fingerprint poem

      my dirty little fingerprints i’ve left on every wall
      and on the drawers and tabletops, i’ve really marked them all
      but here are some that won’t rub off, i’m giving them to you
      because i’m thankful to have a mom that’s just like you!

      construction paper can be used instead of card stock but will not be as sturdy. to add more strength, cover with clear con-tact paper.
      use the print preview option on your printer before actually printing. this will allow you to see what the printout will look like without wasting countless sheets of paper.
      change the purple and light blue colors we chose to your mom’s favorite colors.

      simply match up two colors and use them for the card stock and the two paint colors for the word “mom”.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Fingerprint Poem for Mom