fingerless gloves

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      You know that is a great idea. I work at a Joann’s and people really

      under estimate the power of sewing and creative fabric idea’s as a way

      to save money. Good job! 🙂


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      > My computer room is cold. My house is an old house. We have lots of

      insulation in the ceiling but the outer walls are plastered brick. We

      have good windows and have put plastic on the inside to help but my

      hand are always cold in the room. I saw kniting paterns for fingerless

      gloves but did not have the time to knit. I bought some small pieces

      of flece from Hobby Lobby and hand sewn some for me and it worked

      fine. I just cut pieces that would go around my hand and sewed it up

      leaving room for my thumb. Warm as toast…now just waiting for



      > Carol from Pueblo.

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