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      when I was a kid, mom made finger jello all of the time. so of course in the middle of winter, 30 years later, I got a craving for finger jello.

      I stopped by moms the other day and she actually still had the recipe. I made is the same as I remember.

      it is 4 envelopes of knox gelatin,
      3 – 3oz boxes of flavored jello
      4 cups of boiling water.

      mix and pour into a 9 x 13 pan.

      let it sit in fridge until hard. cut and serve with your fingers.

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      I haven’t done this in years! One thing that we always used to do is use cookie cutters to make holiday shapes like the easter bunny and eggs, st patties day shamrocks, just fun shapes to eat.

      Thanks for sharing, it was like a walk down memory lane for me 2lbkos0 smilie

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      eating it as an adult is as much fun as eating it as a kid. my only problem was getting it out of the pan. I destroyed about half of it.

      any ideas that might help the next time I make it?

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