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      Do not write off a foreclosure home just because the price is low. You

      could miss a great opportunity.

      Due to a promotion by my hubby’s job, we had to move to another state

      quickly but we did not have tons of money to buy another house but the

      area was small and had limited rental housing. I immediately went

      searching through the foreclosures. I immediately was drawn to a house

      which was built in 2004, almost 1800 sqft, 4br 2.5 bath, walk in

      closets, cathedral ceiling, back deck, small front porch, and two floors

      for the astounding price of $79,000!!!

      My husband did not even want to waste his time looking at the house

      because it was priced so low. He thought it must obviously be a wreck on

      the inside. He went in kicking and screaming, but he went. He LOVED the

      house as did the family and the realtor. The problems with the house

      were minimal. We needed a new thermostat and the air unit needed a

      repair, the upstairs bathroom had a leak underneath the sink, and the

      attic was in need of insulation. We wrote an offer and are now living in

      our “new to us” house! Our other house that we own in Georgia is an 1100

      sq.ft. home with 4br 1.5 bath and it was built in 1970. That home cost

      us $64,900 7 years ago, and it was deal at that time. .

      Everyone from the banker, our agent, closing attorney, inspector and

      appraiser said we received a great deal on the house. The inspector

      thought it was going to be falling in on itself when before he started

      his inspection. I have viewed TONS of foreclosures over at least a 13

      year span and never thought I would come across such a deal. Due to the

      lower cost of our new home, we may keep the other house and rent it out

      for rental income making our deal even sweeter! You will never know

      until you look because it just might be worth your time.



      what I am interested in. I am asking him if it is really true that I

      can get a house for $100K or under. I don’t know how to go about

      buying foreclosures, I have no idea how it works.

      I am hoping that it’s really true that some houses can go that low.

      But I don’t understand why. Some foreclosures are very high, and

      some are low.

      May I send you a PM? I need to learn more about foreclosures.


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