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      One of the guys auctioning off houses on the courthouse steps told

      me to check the newspaper and also do an internet search for

      foreclosure websites.

      I’m beginning to think that foreclosures aren’t a good deal though.

      All the foreclosure prices are way too high for me to even

      consider. The bank still wants you to take over many hundreds of

      thousands of dollars.


      — In, “Rustey Meyer”



      > So, how do we find the FREE lists of foreclosures? I have Googled

      > hours at a time, searching lawyers’ websites, and the only lists

      that come

      > up

      > are ones that want a credit card should you use the site after

      their “free”

      > sample has run out.


      > Surely there are particular people/lawyers/agents who get these

      > Properties to sell? Help is appreciated—anyone ?

      > ~ Rustey

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