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      I just bought that book……an autographed copy (used of course)
      and I an reading it now. I agree with some things, others I do not.
      (Like getting that extra $1000 in the bank in the first month). We
      DO NOT have an extra $1000 a month. IF we did, I wouldn’t be
      searching used book stores or signing up for online Budget/Frugal
      Groups. I do agree with the getting mad and attacking the credit
      card debt, pay off the lowest balance first then add that to the
      next debt when the first debt is paid off, etc. (snowball effect).
      I thought about starting one of those groups myself but the book I
      want to read and discuss hasn’t got here yet. I ordered it last week.
      Anyone wanting to get a VERY reasonably priced copy of Dave’s book
      can do so by visiting I think that is right.
      I bought a similar book from them a few years ago, I think it was
      Living on Borrowed Time. I do not remember the author. Sorry 🙁


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