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      I started the Dave Ramsey system a couple of months ago…although I
      had a similar system before I even knew about Financial Peace. I
      have what is known as a Zero Based Budget which I do at the beginning
      of every month. First list ALL expenses, housing, utilities, autos,
      medications, food etc. Don’t forget to give yourself a “little blow
      money”. It can be $20 a month so you do not feel completely
      deprived. If I have a bill lower than what is in the budget for
      example my phone bill was $29.96 and I had a budget of $45, I put
      that extra money on one of the bills I want to pay off…I just don’t
      say Hey I have a couple more bucks to spend this month!.

      I concentrated on my smallest bill a Visa for around $800. I
      expected it to take me 8 months to pay off but with the little saved
      from here and there and the sale of a couple of items I actually paid
      it off in just 3 months. The system works but you have to be honest
      with yourself and do it until you are finally free of debt. My next
      job is to tackle a $7500 credit card…card is gone and all extra
      money saved and earned goes toward this one card. Kim in MI

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