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      Oh I do plan to get that $1,000 on there, but it’s gonna take me a
      YEAR! Hubby is disabled and I am unemployed. We don’t have anyone
      to borrow from, so we are on our own. Our home is paid for, but
      utilities are high where we live. $180 average for a small 2 bedroom
      singlewide mobile home. Also groceries are high as well. I want to
      make my own mixes and stuff, as I think that will save a little bit,
      and every little bit helps. Right now we are w/o a lawn mower, so
      the grass will be waist high before summers end. Hiring someone is
      OUT of the question, as I just ordered a bunch of bulbs for hubby
      for Father’s day and he has them planted all over the yard and he
      is REAL particular about HIS lawn. I ordered them from Arbor Day
      Foundation…. 35 bulbs for $10. not a bad deal I thought, and if
      they don’t come up, they replace them. Any frugal ideas for the yard
      would be appreciated. Hubby LOVES flowers and is always looking at
      them when we go to LOWE’s and WAL-MART. I came across a used plan
      shop once, but they are like 30 miles one way for us. He got a free
      packet of wildflower seeds in the mail and planted them out front.
      We are hoping passersby will notice the pretty blooms and not the
      fact that the grass hasn’t been cut in over a month! LOL Rosa

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