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      I know many of you have asked for scholarship websites….etc.

      My son got a full ride to DePaul using these websites, he starts

      there in the fall of this year.

      So I thought I would share with you what we used. Being a single mom

      I needed to do alot of research, not knowning how I was going to pay

      for his college.

      I hope these sites help you as much as they have helped myself and my

      son. Also once your child turns 14 yrs old they are able to start

      applying for scholarships to use towards college. When applying for

      finacial aid be sure to apply in December the year before you

      graduated High School and if you have a job include your W-2’s

      **These are for Illinois residents** But I am sure they have the same

      for other states.

      Illinois Student Assistance Commission (isac)

      http://www.collegezone. com

      most detailed website out there listing you options for financial aid

      (loans you don’t have to pay back), grants, and scholarships. best

      place to start when thinking about college. also gives you advice in

      applying, planning, classes, types of degrees, and different types of

      colleges in the state of illinois. really a complete site which you

      should be able to find an answer to any question concerning colleges

      that you might have.

      free application for federal student aid (fafsa)

      http://www.fafsa.ed. gov/

      usually the first step for any student wishing to receive financial


      u.s. department of education jsp

      this link explains the process for financial aid.

      subsidized or un-subsidized loans? htm

      This link describes the difference and advantages or disadvantages

      between subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

      Scholarship Information: htm

      This list the different scholarships available to students.

      ****Also a good site that I used often is****:

      http://www.fastweb. com

      Grant Information: htm

      This link list the possible grants with descriptions for eligibility

      available to Illinois residents. Federal Supplemental Educational

      Opportunity Grants (seog), pell, and map grants are just a few to


      college illinois:

      http://www.collegeillinois. com

      this website devoted to the 529 plan. Describes ways to plan for

      your child or grandchildren’s education.

      State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (map grant):

      the monetary award program (map) provides grants, which do not need

      to be repaid, to illinois residents who demonstrate financial need,

      based on the information provided on the free application for federal

      student aid (fafsa). students are not required to submit high school

      grades or test scores when applying for a map grant.

      scholarships: htm

      List various scholarships for Illinois residents.

      Bright Start College Savings Program htm

      More insight into the 529 college savings plan.

      Additional College Zone Information htm

      Link that tells you other financing options that a student can choose

      if nothing above sounds like a fit.

      Trucking schools that offer paid cdl training for customers

      interested in truck driving. some great sites and opportunities!

      stevens transport 800*333*8535

      http://www.stevenstransport. com

      Schneider Trucking 800*447*7433

      CRST Trucking 800*366*2328

      Swift Trucking 800*284*8785

      http://www.swifttrans. com

      Roto Rooter- Paid plumbers Training


      il board of higher education: us/

      gives detailed information about what is going on with colleges in

      the state of illinois.

      i hope this helps you as much as it has helped my family.

      kelly in il

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