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      This response is from my husband. I asked him if he would write you,
      because he handles our finances, deals with the consolidation people,
      etc. (and it’s his debt).

      I knew he was happy with these folks, so
      here goes!



      My wife and I got married with about $10,000 in credit card bills already
      hanging over us. Even though I was making the minimum balances, I was not
      making a dent in the overall debt. I even tried paying more on the
      card with
      the most interest myself, but the interest was too high to even make a

      I researched companies and finally was referred to Cambridge Credit
      Services ( They work with
      to lower the interest rate on the credit cards and to pay off the
      cards in the
      shortest amount of time. It is going to take me about 5 years to pay
      off my
      debt, but during that time I do not have to worry about it hanging
      over my head
      each month.

      cccs is non-profit. i was referred to them by by tom martino, the
      troubleshooter, a radio host who specializes in dealing with customer
      issues –
      kind of like a radio version of the bbb.

      contrary to what the gentleman said in an earlier post, credit counseling
      services do not show up on your credit report as a bankruptcy (bankruptcy
      doesn’t show up unless you actually file!) it does show up that you
      are on a
      credit repayment program, but many companies will actually see that as
      a good
      thing. i recently spoke with an auto dealership about trading in my
      car, and
      the interest rate they quoted me was between 1.5% and 3.9% – quite
      than the 9.9% that I am currently paying on a car that I bought before I
      started with CCCS.

      Also, they have a “Good Payer” program that actually allows you to receive
      money back every six months if you make your payments on time. They offer
      electronic funds transfer for payments, too, so there is no messing
      with money
      orders each month.

      Okay, I guess you can see that I am happy with this company. I am not
      to seel them specifically, but I do suggesst that your sister get in
      touch with
      a company such as this one and get started paying the bills off. If
      else, the peace of mind is worth it.

      Joshua Tallent

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