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      Makes: 4 servings

      4 onion rolls, partially split
      1/4 cup KRAFT Horseradish Sauce
      4 slices oscar mayer cotto salami
      4 slices oscar mayer beef bologna
      4 kraft deli deluxe process swiss cheese slices
      1/4 cup coleslaw
      4 thin red onion slices

      spread cut sides of rolls evenly with horseradish sauce.

      place 1 slice each salami, bologna and cheese on bottom half of each roll; top each with 1 Tbsp. coleslaw and 1 onion slice

      COVER with top halves of rolls

      Serving Suggestion: Spice up your mealtime with these easy-to-make sandwiches. Serve with your favorite fresh fruit.
      Special Extra: Add 2 CLAUSSEN Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices to each sandwich before covering with top of roll.
      Substitute: Substitute kaiser rolls for the onion rolls.

      Calories 450
      Total fat 26 g
      Saturated fat 10 g
      Cholesterol 75 mg
      Sodium 1340 mg
      Carbohydrate 36 g
      Dietary fiber 2 g
      Sugars 3 g
      Protein 17 g

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