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      1. Signature lines may not be longer than 50 characters per line and 3 lines

      total and contain only the following info:

      Your name, Name of Personal Website

      URL to same or line that states what you create

      Line of humor or philosophical message.


      2. Moderated or not?:

      Why do we moderate new members? We want new members to know how to post and

      what ‘flavor’ we expect in their posts. Any posts that do not follow list

      protocol will be deleted without explanation. All members’ posts are moderated

      for a minimum of 50 posts.

      Members who are no longer on moderate and don’t follow list rules will be

      returned to moderate PERMANENTLY without notice or unsubbed as the situation


      3. How to post – and are your posts missing?: Please follow the list rules if

      you wish your message to go through. If you post is missing, re-read your post

      and these rules to see why.

      a. Use a proper subject line. Subject line MUST be list-related due to daily

      deluge of unsavory spam and pornography posts. This also enables members to

      utilize delete key if subject line is not of interest to them.

      b. Trim all previous unnecessary information. If you are on ‘digest’ don’t just

      hit ‘reply’ and send “digest No. 1234” as subject line and the whole digest.

      c. Please do not send personal messages or personal replies to posts and/or ads

      to the list. Also if someone asks for a supplier of a certain item, please

      respond directly to the person for whom they are intended. We do not want this

      list to be a ‘referral list’.

      d. Due to the High Volume of the list, We are attempting to keep down gabby

      posts, OT posts*, ‘one-liners’ like ‘thanks’, “I agree with you”, etc. PLEASE

      send these DIRECTLY to the person for whom intended. 3000 other people really

      don’t want to read those types of posts. List owners or moderators reserve the

      right to remove any posts or threads without explanation.

      e. Please do not send any notices of threats of viruses or terrorism to this

      list. You may send directly to list owner and/or please check out this site which addresses past and

      current threats:

      f. Due to a Recent Flood of Solicitations: Absolutely NO posts soliciting

      donations, etc. for ANY cause!

      4. You may NOT set your mail delivery to ‘no mail’ and remain a member. If you

      wish to read your e-mail on-line, please set to ‘special announcements’. This

      way we can contact you when we have important information about this list. We

      will never allow advertising on special announcements! It is strictly a means

      for list owner and moderators to contact every member.

      5. Your responsibility as a valuable member:

      a. Share your successes and failures as well as recipes and hints for

      budgeting, frugalness, mixes, gift ideas, kids, homeschooling, homemade

      toiletries, cleaners, household stuff, crafts, fundraising, pets, hobbies, etc.

      Hey, the truth is, we’re pretty open to most topics, except religious or

      political debates!

      b. Forwarding Posts/recipes/hints from this list: Every word posted to this

      list is copyrighted by the list owner & the author of the post. Anyone posting

      or forwarding anything from this list, including recipes and hints with out

      express and direct written permission of list owner OR author of post is in

      direct violation of copyright infringement laws. NO EXCEPTIONS!

      6. If you would like to Advertise a product or service on our list, Please Visit for rates. All ads must be

      Pre-Paid Prior to sending to the list.

      What is Advertising? Any link or post intended to Solicit business or monetary


      **All those posting advertisements without contacting budget101 first shall be

      banned Without Further Notification, as this is considered SPAM**

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List File – **Budget101 List Rules**