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      When restocking the pantry or freezer–FIFO–(First in First Out) = Rotating your food stock. Habit to some, but a chore to others.This is also a good time to clean the pantry or freezer.

      What is the difference between “sell by” date, “pull” date, “use by” date, “best if used by” date, and “expiration” date?
      The “sell by” or “pull” date is the last date the product should be sold. “Use by” or “best if used by” date indicates the approximate last date a product will be of best quality. The “expiration ” date gives the last date an item should be sold; and also the last date an item should be used before it is likely to lose flavor and quality.


      When opening a new bag and pouring into a different storage container–adding the above lable “expiration ” is one of the habits to stay into. I like to use sticky lables for my lables. And I also add the products name on the outside of the container also.

      Cornstrach and flour can look the same to some and what about the different kinds of dryed beans.

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