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      I have a ferret, I’ve had them for years- thus I don’t notice ferret smell. My roomates have not had them before, Does anyone know any good deodorizers? I mean for the ferret itself.

      I’ve been trying bathing, spraying and burning incense close by (on a shelf too high for reach but same room as ferret*) But nothing really stops the roomies from saying it stinks.

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      I love ferrets-they are such clowns. Wonder if the tomato juice bath used to “deskunk” dogs would help?

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      Is your ferret spayed/neutered. This website says thats the best way to get rid of the smell.

      Another thing to note from the site, “Unfortunately, if you bathe your ferret too frequently, it will actually smell worse…Bathing your ferret as often as every two weeks can cause skin and odor problems.”

      Another thing to check is to make sure there ears are clean which might be causing the smell.

      And it also says to make sure you clean the litter and bedding as often as possible to reduce smell.

      Hope this helps!
      Ferret Friendly Facts and Advice by Erika Matulich

      My friend growing up used to have 2 ferrets and they were so much fun, but definitely stinky too!

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      We had a ferret (oscar) for a couple of years. Had to get rid of him when the baby started crawling. We didn’t think it was fair not to be able to let him out of his cage, the baby loved grabbing him.

      We miss him. that website sounds great. You might want to talk to your vet also.

      Nicole in Ca

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      The ferret is spayed. And I only bathe her once a month, I clean her cage every day and her ears a squeaky clean.

      Tomato juice is…. it sounds like a good answer but I don’t think I could afford doing that quite honestly, mess wise and cost wise.

      I think its because they just have this “I smell like myself” thing to them. i’ve noticed dogs have a certain smell to them if you pet them for a while. maybe my roomates are just over-reacting then…

      thank you all~

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      ferrets have scent glands and are stinky because of them if i remember right. i think they can be removed but maybe they do that during spaying?? I used to have a ferret.

      never noticed a smell my self. he was lots of fun and good company. try buying a defuser at the dloar tree.

      then get a lemon scent to put in it or maybe try lemon scent candels. Lemon tends to cut through smells.

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      I’ve noticed burning oil and stick incense will mask her smell for a while but it’ll come back eventually.

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      how about wipeing yur room down with lemon cleaner??

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      doesn’t work, its in the laundry room. Her smell is a tough opponent.

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      I am just curious, did you have your ferret before the roommates? If yes, they knew beforehand and should not be complaining. If no, did you talk with them before getting your ferret?

      If they agreed, they really should not be complaining.

      Maybe ask them for help with finding something that would make the smell less offensive. People who are not use to animals notice a smell whether it is a cat, dog, fish, bird, whatever. It would be impossible for you personally to figure out someway of masking the smell when you find nothing offensive.

      Good luck to you with this. Ferret’s are awesome for keeping pesty creatures out of the house-specially snakes!!

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      No I bought the ferret a while after moving in with the roomates. But they did agree to letting me get her.

      Yeah it is pretty hard for me to mask the smell… honestly I think the smell they hate is the smell I love about them. Not sure why though.

      Yeah I had a ferret that killed mice before, wouldn’t eat them, just kill them for fun.

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      That website says that ferrets have sweat glands which produce their stink – but they can be removed but it’s against the law (so i wouldnt suggest you do that lol).

      I think that they are right too – if your roomates agreed, they are just going to have to learn to get used to it. Maybe explain to them that you’ve tried pretty much everything and if they have any other ideas that’d be great. And…

      if they are still concerned, suggest them pay for & enjoy the mess of a tomato bath! 🙂

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      Its really mainly one roomate and her friends have this thing with encouraging her to complain about the ferret smell. I think part of it is just her insecurity and wanting to fit in sort… The other roomate doesn’t seem to mind- part of that is since he has two cats that ended up really dominating his last apartment with their smell.

      Thank you all for the advice

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      Do Ferrets Smell? yes they do but depending how sensitive you are to smells you probably wont even notice the smell. The smell most people describe is considered to be musky but not nearly as strong as skunk. Ferrets that aren’t well groomed and neutered tend to smell worse. There are ways you can reduce the smell of your ferret by just doing some simple things.

      Your going to learn the reasons why ferrets smell so you can take precautions to prevent them from smelling and things you can do if things do stat to get smelly.

      Reason Why Ferrets Smell

      Ferret Anal Glands:

      These will most likely be removed if you get your ferret from a pet store but ferret have these as a protection mechanism. Similar to skunks a ferret will spray a mist causing things to smell but even then it doesn’t last long or smell that bad.

      Ferrets Not being Neutered:

      Just like the anal glands if a ferret isn’t neutered hormones will be elevated causing ferrets to produce more oils on their skin causing them to smell more.

      Bathing a Ferret to Much:

      if you bath a ferret to much it can dry out their skin causing their hormones to go in over drive and produce more oils thus making your ferret stink more.

      Not Cleaning the Ferrets Cage:

      Okay this is just nasty. You must make sure your cleaning the ferrets cage Once a week. It’s important to remember if the ferret has an odor its likely to rub off on the cage. T

      Not Cleaning Your Ferrets Toys and Accessories

      Like cleaning the cage you’ll follow the same steps and procedure for all the toys, bowls, pans and anything else the ferret plays with. Anything that can be washed just throw it in the washing machine.

      You might try to use a baby shampoo. Those soaps are normally safer for the skin.

      To Learn more about Why Do Ferrets Smell, i wrote a guide to reducing your ferrets smell, copy and paste the link:

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