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      As much as I like the layout of my house it has come to my attention that it is not the most auspicious layout a home can have. My other half has been moving furniture, adding little red tassels and crystals to hide “poison arrows” and other oddities that I dare not mention.

      So, my question for all of you is, have you ever feng shui’d your home as a help towards better income, health, etc?

      What remedies have you tried? Many of the remedies I’ve found can get expensive rather quickly, do you have any less expensive feng shui “cures” that you’d recommend?


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      I use small wind chimes in my home where there are sharp wall edges/corners that can stop the flow of energy. I also was told to try painting my mailbox gold to bring more money into the home. We have always made it through tough financial times with these two items in our home.

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