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      I am on a limited income, and my dog jumps my backyard fence(chain link frost fence) I need to extend the height cheaply but effective.

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      Add an extension to the top of the fence tilting inward at a 45 degree angle. You can use a roll of galvanized steel chain link fabric, it runs about $85 at Home depot. (see it here)

      It would look kind of like this:

      If you’re super broke and just want to teach the dog to stay in his own yard, you could use PVC for extensions and create the inward 45 degree angle using snow fencing (or barrier fencing)

      alternatively, you could get a dog training zap collar and give him a little correction every time he starts to jump the fence. It doesn’t take long for them to learn to correct their behavior. They run about $40, a lot cheaper and less labor than installing another fence.

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