Fels-Naptha soap

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      fels neptha soap can be bought from lehmans, i buy things form them

      that and find them to be wonderfull.the http://www.Lehmans.com

      is there website link. i keep a bar of fles neptha soap here all the

      time because i am very very allegic to poisin ivy and poisin oak. and

      i can wash with the soap if i even think i have gotten into it and it

      helps keep it from causeing infection. belive me the last time i got

      into the stuff the cdc was called in because no belived thats all it

      was. i was so covered in it i looked like a skin bubble mutiant.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “bluebayou63”



      > Our WalMart does not carry washing soda or Fels-Nep soap, but they


      > Zote soap.

      > Ann, have you used the Zote & do you think it cleans good? Has

      > anyone else used Zote? I looked it up on web & it says its

      for ‘catfish

      > bait’, rofl!!! we don’t have kroger’s here. thanks.

      > glenda in fl



      > — in Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Ann Garner wrote:

      > >

      > > At 10:19 AM 6/21/2008, you wrote:

      > > >At our $.99 Store they carry Zotes Laundry Soap. Is it the same


      > > >Fels-Neptha soap?

      > > I asked this about a week ago, don’t remember if it was on this


      > > or another, but I was told they would work the same. I’m still


      > > to check the Hispanic store for Fels-Neptha soap, though, then


      > > time I’m in the right shopping center. No extra trips with gas

      > > prices the way they are!

      > >

      > > Ann in Arkansas

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