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      Hello, I’ve been making my own detergent too, but with fels naptha.
      How come you don’t use the fels (if you don’t mind my asking)? How
      much soap slivers do you use? What is your recipe with out the fels

      I read somewhere on another group that fels naptha was
      highly toxic.

      My inquiring mind wants to know (LOL)


      — In, HondiE817@w… wrote:
      > I’ve been making my own detergant for over a year now. I do about
      7-9 loads
      > of wash a week.

      I’m still using my supplies of washing soda and
      Borax that I
      > bought over a year ago. I use my bath soap slivers instead of
      fels naptha.
      > I figured out that a gallon of homemade laundry detergant costs me
      about 15-20
      > cents. The results of the laundry are wonderful.

      It smells so
      > Andrea
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