February 9-15

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      Weekly Menu Plan February 9-15
      Sunday – Peanut, dark chocolate and almond protein bar and mandarin orange
      Monday – sausage and eggs sunny-side-up
      Tuesday – Belvita Oats, Honey, and Chocolate breakfast cookie and mandarin orange
      Wednesday – Cauliflower, bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich
      Thursday – chicken biscuit
      Friday – hard-fried egg sandwich on toast
      Saturday – Greek yogurt and blueberries
      Total – $2.36

      Garlic Ritz Crackers and Colby Jack cheese
      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Total — $1.38

      Sunday – leftover arugula pasta
      Monday – leftover pot pie
      Tuesday – leftover chicken couscous
      Wednesday – smoked sausage sandwich
      Thursday – leftover broccoli alfredo
      Friday – potato and broccoli salad
      Saturday – leftover gumbo
      Total — $4

      Sunday – roasted salmon, pierogies, and beet salad…$10.47
      Monday – bang bang chicken, buttered broccoli, and rice…$2.97
      Tuesday – baked pork chops, buttered noodles, salad, and classic chocolate cake…$10
      Wednesday – foil-pack chicken fajita dinner…$7.50
      Thursday – crazy-crust pizza and salad…$5
      Friday – orange chicken, boiled potatoes, and Brussels sprouts…$1.77
      Saturday – Asian marinated skirt steak, and veggie fried rice…$4.77
      Total — $42.48
      Total for the week — $50.22

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