February 8-March 6

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans February 8-March 6

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      Sunday – pb&j toast
      Monday – raspberry Special K with milk
      Tuesday – dilled egg salad on toast
      Wednesday – breakfast burritos
      Thursday – breakfast salad with apple and avocado
      Friday – Chia pudding with apples
      Saturday – cranberry almond nut bar
      Total – $2.37


      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and Swiss cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $.2.50


      Sunday – BLTs
      Monday –leftover stuffed pork chop
      Tuesday – leftover mac and cheese
      Wednesday – pork chop sandwich
      Thursday – leftover moo shu pork
      Friday – grilled chicken salad
      Saturday – roast chicken sandwich
      Total — $3.99


      Sunday – country herb chicken and dumplings…$4.95
      Monday – seared scallops over cauliflower rice risotto…$10.74
      Tuesday – lasagna and broccoli…$7.47
      Wednesday –jalapeno macaroni and cheese and salad…$2.49
      Thursday – baked chicken thighs, pasta salad, creamed spinach, and oatmeal Carmelitas…$3.96
      Friday – pork loin, baked sweet potato, salad, and red velvet cake pops…$10.47
      Saturday – beef and Spanish rice skillet with roasted corn and blood orange cardamom cake with honey orange glaze…$8.37
      Total — $48.39


      Total for the week — $58.84

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans February 8-March 6