February 3-9

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      Sunday – soft-boiled eggs and toast
      Monday – chicken and pepper Jack cheese stuffed biscuit
      Tuesday – cream cheese and sausage stuffed biscuit
      Wednesday – Denver omelet stuffed biscuit
      Thursday – ham-stuffed biscuit
      Friday – raspberry stuffed biscuit
      Saturday – bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast
      Total – $3.50

      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $2

      Sunday – leftover chicken and snow peas
      Monday – leftover beef stew
      Tuesday – leftover pork chop sandwich
      Wednesday – leftover pasta salad
      Thursday – leftover chicken gumbo
      Friday – leftover chicken pot pie
      Saturday – turkey sandwich
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday – home-style meatloaf, buttered boiled potatoes, broccoli…$2.97
      Monday – super-bowl pie and salad…$5.97
      Tuesday – super dinner salad…$3
      Wednesday – ham and Swiss Panini with salad…$4.17
      Thursday – pasta and spinach with salad…$3.96
      Friday – Boston butt roast, noodles with gravy, peas, and beignets…$15.96
      Saturday – lasagna and salad…$8.98
      Total — $45.01

      Total for the week — $53.01
      momkids smilie

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