February 13-19

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      The pickin’s at the store this week were pretty slim. I needed a lb of ground beef to make my Superbowl pie (make it every year) and cheapest was $6.49/lb. But…I was able to score the last manager’s special of organic for $5.49! Because of the Superbowl (as well as everything else that’s going on), just about everything was sky-high in prices. Since I know how to de-bone just about anything, I purchased bone-in chicken breasts and thighs. I decided to make it a pasta week using what I had in the pantry and what was on the shelves. So we will eat well even if two of the meals are meatless!

      Sunday – chicken biscuit
      Monday – fried egg sandwich on toasted bagel
      Tuesday – honey nut Cheerios with milk and strawberries
      Wednesday – oatmeal with blueberries
      Thursday – pb&j toast
      Friday – strawberry/banana Cheerios with milk and blueberries
      Saturday – BLT on whole grain toast
      Total – $2.07

      Melba toast
      Balsamic vinegar Triscuit Crackers and Irish cheddar cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $1.49

      Sunday – cold cod over greens
      Monday – leftover beef soup
      Tuesday –leftover Mexican casserole
      Wednesday – leftover chicken piccata
      Thursday – leftover Asian salad
      Friday – leftover pork chop sandwich
      Saturday – leftover rouladen
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday – Superbowl pie and avocado salad…$6.98
      Monday – Asian chili chicken, lo mein noodles, and asparagus…$6.47
      Tuesday – Crockpot chicken tetrazzini and salad…$7.99
      Wednesday – roasted garlic spaghetti and steamed cabbage…$1.98
      Thursday – chicken Parmigiana and salad…$6.99
      Friday – garlic Parmesan pasta and corn…$1.25
      Saturday – chicken carbonara and salad…$7.98

      Total — $39.64

      Total for the week –$45.70

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