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      Christine, if your kids will eat rice, you can make

      Chinese congee. This is like a “rice soup” with cut

      up veggies, meat, etc. in it. You can season it up

      and it’s a meal. Two of our daughters are Chinese and

      our kids eat it (AND Ramen noodles) all the time!


      — Christine Bergeron <bergeronkids5@yahoo.com>


      > My 5 kids ages 5, 6, 8, 10, & 11 will eat meatloaf

      > sandwiches,you can either just eat it cold, heat in

      > microwave or fry up in a pan use mayo, ketchup or

      > what ever you like. Same with the pork and beef warm

      > or cold on sandwiches we add bbq sauce mix it and

      > warm it up they make awesome bbq sandwiches or fry

      > the meat and melt cheese over they would be on the

      > idea of a steak and cheese sub. My kids love the

      > Ramen noodle soup we buy the 6 pk of the noodles and

      > flavor pouches not the cup ones. you can get a 6 pk

      > for $1 we either drain most of the water out than

      > add the seasoning pack and than the meat or leave it

      > like soup and still add the meat.


      > Christine

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