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      My 5 kids ages 5, 6, 8, 10, & 11 will eat meatloaf sandwiches,you can either just eat it cold, heat in microwave or fry up in a pan use mayo, ketchup or what ever you like. Same with the pork and beef warm or cold on sandwiches we add bbq sauce mix it and warm it up they make awesome bbq sandwiches or fry the meat and melt cheese over they would be on the idea of a steak and cheese sub. My kids love the Ramen noodle soup we buy the 6 pk of the noodles and flavor pouches not the cup ones. you can get a 6 pk for $1 we either drain most of the water out than add the seasoning pack and than the meat or leave it like soup and still add the meat. Christine

      Shawnee wrote: I love making things out of leftovers… It makes me think I am not
      wasting as much.
      My children are 1, 3, 5, and 10. Between them all, they really go
      back and forth on their portions, so while I try to make just what we
      need, sometimes I end up with 3 full servings leftover.

      Some of the things I reuse in creative ways are, squished up
      enchilladas as nacho toppings for lunch (sounds kind of gross but soo
      yummy with the chips and added cheese), chicken and rice to fry up in
      tortillas for lunchwraps, chicken in mayo for sandwhiches, rice and
      gravy for a quick haystacks (I usually add a leftover meat on the
      side with this), when I have a lot of spaghetti I put it in a glass
      dish and add chedder cheese to the top and reheat it in the
      oven for
      a fast spaghetti casserole.

      If anyone else has any suggestions for leftovers, please feel free to
      add them to the list. My kids really dig their heals in about eating
      leftovers just as leftovers sometimes, so the more ways I have to
      spruce things up, the better.

      I would love some ideas for reusing meatloaf, pork chops, and beef


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