Father’s Day is fast Approaching #3

Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Father’s Day is fast Approaching #3

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      I think my husband would like a “Favorite Snack Basket”

      A “Let’s Go Fishing” Basket — include new fishing lures, a new fishing reel, bobbers, a hook remover, and anything else that he may be needing but is putting off buying. Include one of those handmade coupons for a day of fishing with Dad.

      A “Car Wash Basket” — use a car wash bucket and fill it with soft sponges, a chamois, air freshener, Armor All, and window cleaner. Add in some homemade coupons to help him wash his car and you are all set.

      A “Favorite Sports Basket” — Does Dad have a favorite sport or sports team? Make him a basket using memorabilia from all his favorite sports or sports team. Include a homemade coupon for a day of watching his favorite sport without any interruptions.

      A “Grilling Basket” – Got a Dad that loves to grill? Use a metal bucket and include some of his favorite “grilling supplies”. Include skewers, basting mop, thermometer, butane lighter, wire brush, grill basket, tongs, fork, spatula, his favorite BBQ sauces and grill seasonings.

      A “Favorite Snack Basket” — Use an expensive cooler or spare wicker basket that you may have around the house and fill it with his favorite snacks and drinks.

      Make that homemade basket look store bought by: Buying some cellophane and wrap around it. It’s really simple to make it look store bought. Lay the cellophane lengthwise out on a table.

      Place the basket in the middle and pull up each end of the cellophane. Use a bread twisty or a rubber band to hold the cellophone sides together at the toop. Cut the top to the desired length.

      Add a store bought ribbon (they can be found at the dollar stores). Slide a store bought or homemade card inside and tuck in the sides of the cellophane so there won’t be any gapping holes.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Father’s Day is fast Approaching #3