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      Speaking for myself, I have a serious fast food problem. I spend way too much
      money on fast food simply because I it’s so easy. I have a Wendy’s a block over
      and being a college student plus working, it’s just so EASY to go and get a
      burger rather than cook.
      I am really trying to not eat fast food now. I am trying to plan meals and cook
      them at home, eating out only once a week at a proper resturant.
      I have decided to give up Diet Coke as well, but still use the equal sweetener.
      I worry that this is bad for me, but I like the taste now and find that if I
      make tea with real sugar it nearly blows my head off. I have heard that
      Aspartame (sweetner in equal) can lead to memory loss. So, my question is, is
      Diet Coke what is bad or is it the sweetner?

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      through and through, to avoid.

      –Livy, The Early History of Rome


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